Candidate FAQ

Work at MSP

What distinguishes MSP?

MSP is a modern and dynamic company. You can move and help shape a lot in all teams. We’re not hip, we’re authentic. We’re growing slowly, with a lot of foresight. Our success is not reflected in high board salaries, but in a tangible way flows into the company – in the form of great offices, good working conditions and special services for our employees.

What is the working atmosphere/management style like?

The hierarchies are flat. There are clear structures and responsibilities. We communicate at eye level - honestly, openly and straightforwardly. Common lunch breaks, regular team and company events as well as cross-team, internal projects ensure a great cohesion between colleagues.

How long has MSP been around? How has the company developed in recent years?

You could say: we were a start-up when there was no mention of start-ups. MSP was founded in 2004 – not in a garage, but in a semi-detached house in Othmarschen, where lunchtime was grilled on a lava stone on the terrace. When the house became too cramped, the garden house had to be converted into a programming office and server room. We have been in Virchowstraße since 2008. At that time, that was what is meant by a classic IT-stop. In the meantime, we are working internationally and in pretty cool offices. Currently, more than 50 employees are employed at MSP.

What does a typical working day at MSP look like?

It depends on what team you're on. We work agilely, according to our own methodology. We have integrated what we consider to be the best tools into our daily work and are constantly improving. The week usually starts with a cup of coffee and then, depending on the team, the weekly planning is started, in which the week is structured as well as possible. Then, depending on the task area and to-dos, diverse or individual work is done on the success of the project. At lunchtime we often eat together, go out, or even retreat when we need some quiet time. It is almost impossible to describe a typical working day, working here is too varied for that.

What are the working hours?

Core working hours are from 10 am to 5 pm. That means you can come earlier and leave earlier and vice versa. Even if you work part-time, you can arrange your hours relatively flexibly within defined time periods. Home office is possible from time to time. All in consultation with colleagues, of course.

How many hours of overtime are worked on average?

Our projects are carefully planned according to capacity. If there is no capacity, no further projects will be accepted. Of course, there are periods of high demand that require some overtime. However, these are also dismantled again immediately after consultation.

How long is the probationary period?

6 Month

Will I be working alone or with other people?

Usually always with other people. We are used to team-oriented work and like to work collaboratively.

What further training opportunities and promotion prospects are there?

We are very proud of our internal MSP Academy, which is organized by employees for employees. Here everyone is allowed to share their knowledge. In addition, there are regular further training courses - initiated by us or suggested by you. There are, of course, opportunities for promotion - but we are not friends of adventurous position titles.

What benefits does MSP offer, apart from salary?

There are a whole range of general and individual benefits. For example, we cover the costs of an HVV-ProfiTicket or provide free parking. There is a company pension as well as a free supplementary insurance for teeth, vision aids and alternative medicine. You have 30 days of holiday and you can use our beverage fridge (Red Bull, Fritz Limos, Schorlen and Coke,. . . ). Twice a week fresh fruit and vegetables are delivered and we offer a discounted company sports offer. There are also bonuses for recruited employees.

What technology will be available for me to work with?

There are some Apple evangelists among us. You are usually equipped with MacBook, a large monitor and iPhone. We are generally enthusiastic about technology. This means that you will also find a lot of gadgets outside your (electrically adjustable) desk to make your work easier.

Is MSP involved socially or ecologically?

We donate a larger sum to three different social projects each year and are open to further suggestions. We have been sourcing 100 percent green electricity since 2014.

Does the company plan to expand in the coming years?

We have grown continuously over the past few years. The quality of our work and the well-being of our employees have always been the focus (even if that sounds a little swollen). We want to keep that. In addition to the Hamburg location, we also have small offices in Berlin (IT support), Schmilau and New York.

Is the development of new products/services planned?

This is a result of our business model and the requirements of our industry. They may arise. new products from customer requirements, then we refine them and transfer them to product management. However, we see ourselves more as a project organization with a long-term customer relationship than as a software product forge.

Can I have a look at my future job in advance?

We'll be happy to give you a tour of our offices. For a first impression, you can visit our Facebook Page.

Do you have questions? Feel free to contact us!