Censhare: Your all-in-one content hub

Create, edit and publish your marketing content centrally, collaboratively and multilingually. All projects and processes can be controlled via your censhare platform.

PIM, DAM and content management, in one integrated software solution.

Product Information Management (PIM), Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Content Management united in one software. With censhare, you create a platform for your digital assets, media and product information. With censhare, you benefit from an all-in-one marketing platform that flexibly adapts to your company now and in the future. In addition, censhare grows and evolves in response to change in the digital world. As a trusted and reliable partner, we ensure that the censhare solution is a perfect fit and remains suited for your needs.

Content Marketing with censhare

Content Marketing

Marketing and communications work depend on a variety of content such as images, texts, videos and product information – for print, web and mobile. With censhare you can centrally and efficiently manage and place your content: tailored to the respective communication channel, at the right time, in the right place.

Marketing Automation

Combine and automate a variety of actions in a single system. This will help you to maintain an overview, and allows you to skip the time consuming transfer and adaptation of content and data. Comprehensive real-time analysis enables you to optimize and personalize campaigns and develop targeted leads.

Brand Management

As more people become involved in the communication process, achieving a consistent brand presence grows more and more complex. Within your organization, you can manage your process with one system that efficiently connects all divisions, locations and partners. censhare allows you to maintain an overview of all communication and feedback on social media sites.

Omnichannel Management

Every new distribution channel increases the complexity of customer targeting. Tapping into channels via a central data pool with a focus on specific target groups results in considerable gains in efficiency. As a result, you can reach your customers offline, online and via mobile devices.

Reasons for censhare

  • Everything is central

    You have one system for all your content, data and processes instead of data silos and a number of various applications.

  • All-in-One

    Create, manage, save, import, export, search, share, analyze, collaborate and combine all your content.

  • Integrate, manage and deliver

    Make your Product Information available for all departments, channels, regions and languages.

  • Control and automate

    Content and Translation Management for print, web, social media as well as connections to external newsletter, CM-, App and POS systems are possible.

  • Consistent Branding

    With censhare, you can keep your marketing material up-to-date, CI-compliant, as well as integrate it into your communication with clients, partners and journalists.

  • Efficient Workflows and Collaboration

    You can reduce your coordination effort and secure a smooth collaboration with integrated project and resource management.

Digital Asset Management

With censhare, you can easily find and use assets, such as content, images and videos – that are always up-to-date and media impartial. Usable for campaigns, tactics, packaging and POS.

  • Save, manage, import, export and archive

  • Real-time full text search, detailed and expert search as well as stored searches

  • User and rights management

  • Flexible tagging and definition attributes

  • Semantic relations of all your content

  • Automatic version control

  • XML-Feeds, REST- and export interfaces

Product Information Management

You can manage and maintain all your product information in one central system. Interfaces to various ERP systems, secure transparent and flawless communication.

  • Data acquisition from Excel and XML

  • Flexible product information structures

  • Relations to various media assets

  • Edit mass data

  • Manage product versions

  • Manual, partly and fully automated output across all communication channels


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