MSP AG is Top Company 2022 at kununu

Thank you for your reviews and feedback!

Kununu, Europe's leading platform for employer ratings, awards a seal of approval to particularly well rated companies. We are proud to have qualified for the seal this year. Thank you for your ratings and feedback! It's nice to know that our efforts to make MSP a top employer are paying off. By the way, work-life balance is rated best at MSP. We also score very well in the areas of work environment and diversity. This shows that our mission is making a difference:

MSP offers room for co-design and humanity in an agile, modern and trusting work environment. We want to give each individual the chance to contribute with their own personal skills and develop their full potential.

Combine the best of down-to-earth entrepreneurship and innovative start-up mentality: Welcome to MSP!

What is behind our mission?

The most common answer to the question what makes working at MSP special is: the family-like atmosphere. Each person is seen, supported and empowered in his/her own way and ability. He/she can actively participate in shaping the company and always remain him/herself. In our heterogeneous group of colleagues, everyone finds the balance between belonging and individuality.

Two other big plus points at MSP are the atmosphere and facilities. Almost everyone who visits us for the first time is impressed by our modern offices, the additional space for working and relaxing, and the technical equipment. Of course, this not only pleases our guests, but also makes working more pleasant and easier.

Agility is not only practiced at our company, but also lived and further developed. In 2019, for example, we began to restructure ourselves from a department-centric structure into agile teams - with great success. Today, everyone helps shape the process of their work and their teammates in the autonomously acting teams, thus creating real added value.

Top is still not top enough

Of course we are happy about the positive feedback. That way, we know what is well received and has an impact. But criticism and suggestions for improvement are also important to us. We live and promote this internally and would also like to give applicants and ex-employees this opportunity.

Photo by Martina van Kann