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Original text from CIOReview - The Navigator for Enterprise Solutions, Digital Marketing Special, July 05, 2016

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25 Most Promising Digital Marketing Solution Providers - 2016

The ideal task of a marketing team in any business is to shepherd a product or service along its journey from assembly until it reaches an end consumer’s hands. The length of this process is packed with a number of meticulous tasks ranging from creating product awareness to brand consideration and sales to conversion. Adding to this is the advent of the newfangled strategies such as inbound marketing and content marketing, where marketers lure prospective customers, right from the confines of their workstations, by mass mailers, publishing whitepapers, and prolific customer testimonials.

To make a marketing team’s life easier, several technology providers have invested heavily in infrastructure and trends like mobility, analytics, cloud, and big data to offer industry specific marketing solutions as a service (SaaS). These solutions, combined with ample data sources, place a wealth of insightful information at the decision maker’s disposal. Businesses are perched at an advantageous spot as they can cater to the varying needs of a demographic crowd through capable personalization methodologies like geo-targeting, wearable gadgets like the Apple watch, and augmented reality- aided customer experience enhancement.

In an effort to help marketers address a more sophisticated customer base, a panel of prominent CEOs, CIOs, VCs, analysts, along with the CIOReview editorial board has assessed scores of marketing solution providers and picked out a list of prime choices.

We have considered the vendor’s ability in designing and building advanced solutions that cater to industry specific needs, at the same time adding to the functional and productive flair of marketing. We present to you CIOReview’s 25 Most Promising Digital Marketing Solution Providers 2016.

MSP IS – Organizing Marketing Processes and Campaigns Simplified

As markets are becoming tasks, while also providing significant increasingly competitive, time and cost savings. The company the availability of information at the right time and in the appropriate format is critical for business processes. Enterprises across the world are creating and distributing news, articles, and blogs for interacting with the consumers and enhancing relationships with them. In such a scenario, the focus should shift to pro- vision of immediate access to relevant content, while tailoring and distributing it to the users across multiple platforms. An integrated marketing solution such as Content Marketing Automation can connect multiple marketing channels such as email marketing, social media and print marketing seamlessly. Based in New York, MSP IS is helping enterprises to manage their content and automate their workflows across all marketing and communication channels as well as replace traditional PIM systems. Being a prominent player in the marketing technology landscape, Michael Fischer believes that efficiency and resource constraints have been and continue to be, a major challenge in the market. Being a premium partner of censhare, a built-in platform for content and data management, MSP helps enterprises spend more time creating con- tent, as opposed to managing, editing, and publishing it.

The platform provides a technical service environment to create impactful content, and streamlines the process of getting that content through the organization and out to the end customer across all marketing channels. This allows for the reallocation of resources to focus on more business-critical tasks, while also providing significant time and cost savings. The company is leveraging the censhare platform to provide various aspects of software distribution, from consulting to implementation, training, customizing to production and second level support. MSP’s main objectives are focused on adding efficiency to the marketing processes and environments of any given organization. “High-performance IT systems are developed and defined in close cooperation with our customers, with a focus on specific objectives and comprehensive service support,” says Fischer, CDO, MSP IS.

“High-performance IT systems are developed and defined
in close cooperation with our customers, with a focus on specific objectives and comprehensive service support”

Since inception, MSP has a culture attuned to understand and anticipate client’s needs. One of their clients, Rewe, a large retail grocer in Germany, was requiring more resources and having higher quality control costs for the production of regional pages. With the help of MSP’s retail module the print production was faster and more efficient. The company helped the client automate their content revision process while still allowing their teams to manually review the content from an automated migration. “By providing an environment to edit content across multichannel endpoints in real-time, we were able to increase the efficiency in the process by 75 percent,” Fischer stated. In another instance, MSP helped a large department store retailer in the U.S. to integrate ExactTarget, an email marketing platform, with the client’s CRM system in order to streamline their email campaign marketing process. With censhare’s built-in marketing automation, “we were able to reduce the number of systems being used, trim the production cycle time of content in half, and also deploy an expansive email template list of more than a thousand versions,” Fischer added. Being a staunch believer of constant innovation, Fischer aims to integrate specific HTML5 interfaces and technologies to support output channels for modern websites, shop systems, social media networks and other applications. “This will help us to secure our client-based projects in the most marketing-focused industries within the U.S.,” Fischer notes. For the future, MSP is planning to build more flexible and collaborative content management and distribution systems for multichannel environment in virtually every industry.