Buddy Challenge 2022

Who doesn't know this? There are the good resolutions for the new year. At the beginning, you start the new year fully motivated, stick to your resolutions and suddenly there he is! This mean inner pig. The excuses pile up: today was so exhausting. I am so tired. Oh, I'll do it tomorrow... And already the good resolutions have disappeared into the background.

It's a completely different story when you're not alone!

Because then you are not only responsible for yourself! There is someone else motivating you to stay focused. Or you motivate yourself because you want to compete. The result: you stay focused.

That is exactly the goal of the Buddy Challenge 2022. Whether together or against each other: We challenge ourselves to motivate ourselves and others. We want to overcome our inner pig and achieve our goals. We are a team and together we can do anything!

These are our Challenges

Anyone can challenge anyone to a challenge. This can happen among each other behind closed doors or officially. What is challenged? There are no limits! Everything can be challenged - be creative ;).

We even created a new team for this purpose in which we can document our challenges and exchange information.

  • Trash-Talk-Challenge: just dont ask :D

  • Plank-Challenge: Arnd is undefeated with over 5 minutes

  • Yoga-Challenge: Be at the exercises every day for 30 days.

  • Situp-Challenge: Do 100 Situps every day.

  • Stair-Challenge: Dont use the elevator!

  • I pack my suitcase challenge

  • etc.